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Mercy In Madness EP Available Now

One of the Few (Slow Thinker 2021)

I'm a curiosity, you find me a mystery/ But you may not like all you see if you delve too deep// I want to be natural, let you sense me as myself/ But like a turtle in it's shell, I don't care for feeling vulnerable// I'm a slow, slow thinker/ I'm a stargazer/ I get cold as winter/ Tear like tissue paper/ You should know I'm quite impossible and if I let you close you're one of the few// I'm not an anomaly/ I'm both blessing and liability/ So if my taste is bittersweet, will you stay with me?// So don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't//

Girls & Boys (Slow Thinker 2021)

The hours used to crawl by like the beetles I kept in cardboard boxes - thought they'd never escape/ but each morning when I woke up, I'd find them gone and it's funny how time has worked out that way// The world used to be like my imagination - an endless string of dreams I'd forever explore/ Every corner of each city, I'd wanna race in/ I didn't think of the terrors that my nightmares could hold// Hai ya ya ya // Girls and boys, girls and boys/ Romping in the backyard, making up stories/ Girls and boys, girls and boys/ Still playing our games, but we've lost our toys (but we're not just girls and boys)// Ooh ooh. Adults 'way back when' were so much smarter/ I was sure that I could trust what they say/ Yet on the odd occasion they'd be mistaken/ And now I've figured out that'll never change// When I was a child I saw my future/ I knew right from wrong, every answer was plain/ But now I'm all grown up I've graduated/ Cos I have seen how black and white can blur into grey// Hai ya ya ya // Shall I play with you? Would that be a bad move? Can we change the rules? Does someone have to lose? Girls and boys... Girls and boys...

Full Human (Slow Thinker 2021)

If my heart was on display, right now, every lonely place, every secret vault, you would be shocked/ If my exterior absorbed my inner mess, my attitude, and feelings, the image I reflect, it wouldn't be so sweet// I call on my allies but I'm misled/ Pride and self-pity, they are not my friends/ So I am left here fighting myself while the person I want to be is collecting dust on the shelf// Where is purity and innocence?/ Where is the peace we long to feel? the fear of God, not men?/ Has it all been left.. behind... in Eden?/ There is no prosperity/ there is no warmth under the sun if we cannot be free from all the demons that stalk, the beast that keeps beating away, trying to steal our sleep/ Bring me into the open air where I can expel this carbon dioxide/ I'm choked by pollution I need to purge/ Because I'm so full human/ And show me the light I can't discern/ Send the worst of me packing to never return/ I need to believe, there is beauty in being so full human// Oh I get hurt by the people around me And I hurt them in turn It's kind of disturbing I forget my common sense, forget my manners, forget thankfulness, Forget responsibility, forget there are others on this earth I'm scared by the truth cos it's heavy and it's tempting to hide in a perpetual fantasy My brain sips on poison, I say the wrong thing, Make careless decisions, my errors in ink Oh If I were a machine, None of this would be a thing, it wouldn't be a thing But my flesh, is not a curse, it's a gift: getting to choose, getting to feel, And knowing there's meaning being.... so full human ah na na na na na

Fiction Borders (Slow Thinker 2021)

Don't dumb me down/ Don't dumb me down/ Don't dumb me down/ Feed me empty pills and I won't swallow// Don't dumb me down/ Don't dumb me down/ Don't dumb me down/ I may not be a genius but I can... I can see it like it is oh/ I can see it like it is oh// And I'm after something real// Don't push me 'round/ Don't push me 'round/ Don't push me 'round// Put me in your circus, I will not perform no// Don't push me 'round/ Don't push me 'round/ Don't push me 'round/ My heart is searching, stirring up my soul// My soul aching to be free/ My soul aching to be free/ Cos I'm after something real// Oh the truth seekers/ They go running, running, running/ Past the fiction borders/ and I go stumbling, stumbling, stumbling after them/ Truth seekers/ They go running, running, running/ Past the fiction borders/ and I go stumbling, stumbling, after something// Something oh/ Something oh/ Something real/ Something real//

Rebel Heart (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Insurgent organ beating orders, running riot like a wildfire/ It needs a purpose like a weapon needs a battle to be fighting/ But I got you like a banner that I’m marching under/ Ooh, got a target for my darts// My heart is a throne/ Come take your rightful place/ I'm rebel on my own/ So save me by your grace and rule me with your

love, love, love/ Save me by your grace and tame my rebel heart//  

A supernova taking over/ All my veins are flowing lightning/ And there's no power on earth that could compete/ There's no point trying oh oh// 

Cos I got you, like a banner that I'm marching under/ Ooh, got a target for my darts// Insurgent organ beating orders//

New Tricks (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Keep it steady, keep it steady/ Cos we don't wanna lose what we have  
Don't be too ready, don’t be too ready/ To speak the first words that land in your mouth/ We're whipping up a storm/ Hail is being born/ Like bullets we let fly too easy/ Soon it turns into a bombsite/ The tension is there all night/ All because we’re escalating things that shouldn't matter cos we don't agree/ But you love me// We are not saints/ But we’ve got it right/ Got our hearts dead set on a better life/ It's not a game but we'll play it nice/ If we trip we're tripping our way to a better life/ I wanna learn new tricks, new tricks, new tricks/ Ooh ooh ooh/ I wanna learn how to handle this pretty// We started something, we started something/ And there is no one who don't wanna see it through/ We put it all in, put it all in/ But it’s not smooth oh/ I'm starting up an earthquake/ Gonna let my pride break/ Step on over to your side  
And let the light be liberating/ Diffuse the situation/ Everything is clearer with a mirror when I see I'm not so good/ Oh but I love you// We say  
"Oh make Thy goodness mine"/ "Oh make my heart like Thine"/ "Oh make Thy goodness mine, Thy goodness mine yeah”// Woah, Woah//

Adventures (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

We make, we make our own, we make our own adventures/ We make, we make our own, we make our own adventures/ Ha da da da etc.

Blue (Mercy in Madness EP)

We are not the beautiful ones/ We don't have no magic spells to cast/ Nobody looks twice at us/ Nobody looks twice// We're as tough as shattered porcelain / Nah we’re not gonna lie about our strength/ No one ever picks us to win/ No one ever picks us// But we see in the morning, we see in the night/ A megavolt struck us and opened our eyes// We are off the charts/ Got no place on this planet/ Woke up in the stars/ Found mercy in this madness/ Our blood is blue// Sometimes we feel like aliens/ Like birds that cannot fly or fish that don't swim/ But maybe we are not so different/ Or maybe we are// We are not angels/ But we have halos/ Lay down in the river and we came up new/ We are not angels/ But we have halos/ Lay down in the river and now//

Rain (Mercy in Madness EP)

They say it's darkest before the dawn/ But God this midnight just keeps stretching on/ My visibility is so low, so clouded, I can't see/ So I try to make believe/ But I can't do it// So I rain down/ Let it rain down/ Waiting for you (do do do)//  Waiting for the flood waters to recede/ Well it's been more than forty days and still no sign, no olive leaf/ I'm only just afloat, and I want to either fight or flee/ But I can't seem to do neither and it's torturing me oh// I know there's gotta be something in this/ Somewhere some rhyme or reason/ I know I'm gonna find something in this/ Maybe not now, but soon, I'll see the proof/ And feel love rain down/ Your love will rain down on me/ I'm  still waiting for you//

New World (Single 2016)

Happy ever after for the rest of your days/ Everybody wants to live out that way/ But life is a matrix and this world is a maze/ A broken heart can shatter again and again and again// I found a new world/ I found a new world with you/ I left the real world to feel a true world/ I found a new world with you// Sitting in the shadows and playing the games/ You hear the pipes and follow - it sounds like escape/ You hold on to something, just to have it decay/ Feelings that are borrowed might be a mistake// Like a new beginning I'm alive/ Reaching for heaven with you by my side/ I can see it all in a perfect light/ Both my feet on the ground but I'm up high/ Yeah I know I'm human, I'm still gonna cry/ But I'll never give up cos now you fight for me//

Education (Slow Thinker 2021)

There's something I'm beginning to understand: This is an education/
That maybe we are students all our days/ And death is our graduation/

Cos I'm in a menagerie with all sorts of strange creatures/ Trying to learn how I should behave and what to imitate// Everybody wants to have a good time/ Everybody wants to feel a high/ I wish it was as simple as
Following my impulses/ But that don't always turn out right// Give me an education/ Give me an education// I've accepted life is a practical degree/ And nothing is simulated/ Trial and error stamped all over me oh
This process is fascinating// I'd hoped I'd have evolved by now but I am still a strange creature/ Where head and heart must coexist there will be fisticuffs// I don't want to do anything stupid/ But I don't want to miss out on the fun/ Sometimes I can lose my mind and then I have to improvise/
Far too easy to get wrong// Oh discipline, I don't like your sting, but I want the wisdom that you bring/ Oh discipline,I don't like it but I need you// Yeah sometimes I don't like the way I'm learning/ Sometimes it hardly seems fair/ But the puzzles on my page are in ink, I can't erase them/ So I just gotta do my best//

Hot Blood (Slow Thinker 2021)

I'm tryna keep my cool, tryna keep it chilled, tryna sit sub-zero/ I'm drinking iced lemonade, tryna freeze my brain, keep the mercury low/ If I could just stay calm, I'd do a whole lot better, and a lot less wrong/ But can you let it go...// When you got Hot blood, Hot blood, Hot blood?/ You're getting too emotional/ You better keep in it in control/ Yeah you got Hot blood, Hot blood, Hot blood/ You got that passion in your soul/ But it can fire up like hell// I've got some real opinions, I've got real feelings that I want to make known/ I'm trying to calculate, trying to meditate cos I dont wanna explode/ My heart makes cotton candy, just a little bit of sugar and it's spun up all crazy/ So hard to let it go// And then you burn someone. And then you burn someone. And then you burn someone. And then you burn someone// You can't hold your temper/ You can't hold your tongue/ It must be the danger of your hot blood// Not much of a villain/ No much 'not to love'/ But you can burn, you can burn with your hot blood/ With your hot blood yeah// 

Terrestrial (Slow Thinker 2021)

I would paint your likeness with oils on canvas if I thought that would make you last/ I would write your future - just a short description- if my words would come to pass// Cos you, you're like a flame that I can't handle/ And you, you're like a breeze that blows away// Time, it ruins all my hopes for you as you waltz on your own winding path/ And though you come back to me, I can feel you drifting just as soon as I sweep away the dust// Oh you, you're like a stone, I can't see into/ And you, you're like a current I can't change// Oh beautiful terrestrial/ How? How? How to keep a hold of you?/ I want to wrap you up safe in the clouds/ But you've got your world always pulling you down/ So how?/ How to keep a hold of you?// A brief fascination I had with the thought of cutting my ties and giving you up/ But the apathy shattered cos it was a hoax/ My perennial// How? How? How to keep a hold?/ How? How? Beautiful terrestrial.

Glory (Slow Thinker 2021)

We are dancing mesmerised 'round the ballrooms of our lives/ Underneath the man-made lights and ceilings/ But our glittering criteria to feel something superior/ Seems a lot more like a barrier to me// Cos outside I can imagine a sunrise/ Glory, glory// I shut my eyes and greater dreams start tugging like a memory/ I'm tired of being courted by brief fancies// So I break the motions, slip away/ Out the door, run down the stair case/ Bit by bit the chaos fades/ and I hear myself think/ Yes outside, I see the proof in the sunrise/ Glory, glory, glory Is being loved, being loved, Being loved, being loved, Being loved, being loved by You/ I'm soaring like an albatross/ What I once treasured, I see is dross/ And I don't feel a hint of loss for old mechanics/ Cos glory, glory, glory is being loved//

Wonder (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

We wine and dine, like kings and queens, feast on art, drink poetry/ Laughter bubbles like a brook that sprung from our tears/ Cloud jumping, trading tales, like kids in a tree house, wool-gathering/ We're the believers, explorers of our freedom// Oh we woke up in wonder  
To dream our lucid dreams/ Yeah we woke up in a thunderstorm   
And we won't go back to sleep// 
It's not insanity, when we make truth our, our reality/ In this dimension, we are weapons laced with peace/ We go where no one goes, see things a mortal couldn't know, can't comprehend, but we understand, got a seventh sense because// And all of this romance is intellect/ It colours us down to the bone/ At once painters and scholars and pioneers/ And boy have we got soul/ Have we got soul//

Lone Wolf (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

With sleep in my eyes and cold prickles on my skin/  step out into the night and face the bitter east wind/ To gaze at, to yearn for what I can't have on this earth/ Like the lovers in the stars whose lips will never touch/ It seems the silver on my arms is as close as I can come/ Just a fugitive in the world, my spirit captive to what I don't deserve// Oh gravity,
Oh Eden// Well if I'm old I don't feel wise/ If I'm a babe I know that I'm running out of time/ If I'm old I don't feel wise/ so teach me//  Though my limbs are coursing fire, I'm not running with the pack, There's never time to catch my breath cos my heart is drumming higher/ Out of my league, over my head, but I won't stop until I'm dead// Oh if I'm old I don't feel wise/ If I'm a babe I know that I'm running out of time/ If I'm old I don't feel wise/ So teach me/ If I don't try then I'm a fool/ And though my best attempts will be like howling at the moon/If I don't try then I'm a fool/  So teach me// Cos I'm a lone wolf ooh/ I'm a lone wolf ooh/ I'm a lone wolf ooh/ Just a lone wolf//  


Skypilot (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Jumping out of planes in a fever, so bold/ Your Parachute fails and you're screaming as you fall/ But you were never meant to leap off all alone/ You say you trust me then you think you know better and you're   gone// But are your fingers getting tired/ Improving all your clever designs/ I can teach you how to fly/ But believe me, believe me/  
You need me, you need me// 
You're working up a sweat but you're freezing, freezing cold/ It's like fighting for a cause you don't believe in -  
The cracks will show// I could be your skypilot/ I could be the wings that hold you up/ I'm the only skypilot you'll ever need to know oh/ Let me be your skypilot/ Let me be the wings that hold you up/ I'm the only skypilot 
you'll ever need to know/ You only need to know my love// So if you just made up your mind/ You could leave this war behind/ And then I’d teach you how to fly/ Cos believe me, believe me  

No Secrets (Mercy in Madness EP)

Hercules, are you so confident you're strong?/ You wanna face your fears/ But is the lion in you lost?/ Well you been playing in a volcano/ Tryna find, tryna find, tryna find/ Tryna find if you can summon up a little heat/ Shouting till your lungs are tired/ Battle cry, battle cry, battle cry, battle cry/ But you just don't seem to believe it/  There, there now// Turn the key/ Don't you go breaking down another door/ The things you want are free/ My heart's a chamber of treasure to explore, to adore/ No secrets (La de da)// It's a fatality/ Oh and there's only one known cure/ You can't just stay away from me no, no, no/ And expect to win it all/ Yeah you could fling yourself into the sky/ Get a high, get a high, get a high, get a high/ Yeah try a livin’ like a mountaineer/ Or dig yourself into a hole/ Going down, going down, going down/ Going down because you wanna feel a little deeper/ Or you could// I wanna take you with me/ Let you be power and peace/ I wanna make you feel whole/ There's nothing I wouldn't give / I wanna see you live/ Darling, this is gold// 

Sad Birds (Mercy in Madness EP)

Silent footfalls/ Won’t disturb the loneliness of the room/ Sobbing quietly in this mausoleum of memory// Pearl white angel/ Standing like some guardian to your heart/ But you don’t need it/ Where you sleep,  it'll never be dark// When you fell off the clock/ Time wouldn't stop for us/ So we try to move on/ Cos that's what you'd want, though it's hard/ We will dance the figures of this mad world/ Till our bodies ache from trying/ And though we spend the evening like sad birds/ We'll be singing when the dawn comes/ Sea of faces/ Their hearts feel the same way that ours do/ No one can escape/ We're all slaves to the freedom that came for you// As our eyes open/ Curtains of light and hope start shining through/ Dust and ash have blown away/ And we are brand new//

Masquerade (Single 2015)

Draw the curtains on that part of your day/ No one needs to know it

All the wreckage can be swept away/ Underneath the carpet

Cos nobody wants to hear you cry/ They'd rather believe a pretty lie//

So join the masquerade and dance tonight/ Find a poker face to hide behind/ Turn the lights down cos we know we'll find/ Plastic people, plastic people, we’ll be plastic people/ But it doesn't feel, doesn't feel, doesn't feel right/ Plastic people, we’ll be plastic people, we’ll be plastic people/ But it doesn't feel, doesn't feel, doesn't feel right// There’s a method to the madness we make

Minimise the conflict/ Hide the problem and it dissipates/ Quarantine can solve this// Cos nobody wants to hear us cry/ They’d rather believe a pretty lie//

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