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One of the Few (2021)

I'm a curiosity, you find me a mystery/ But you may not like all you see if you delve too deep// I want to be natural, let you sense me as myself/ But like a turtle in it's shell, I don't care for feeling vulnerable// I'm a slow, slow thinker/ I'm a stargazer/ I get cold as winter/ Tear like tissue paper/ You should know I'm quite impossible and if I let you close you're one of the few// I'm not an anomaly/ I'm both blessing and liability/ So if my taste is bittersweet, will you stay with me?// So don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't run/ don't run, don't//

Rebel Heart (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Insurgent organ beating orders, running riot like a wildfire/ It needs a purpose like a weapon needs a battle to be fighting/ But I got you like a banner that I’m marching under/ Ooh, got a target for my darts// My heart is a throne/ Come take your rightful place/ I'm rebel on my own/ So save me by your grace and rule me with your

love, love, love/ Save me by your grace and tame my rebel heart//  

A supernova taking over/ All my veins are flowing lightning/ And there's no power on earth that could compete/ There's no point trying oh oh// 

Cos I got you, like a banner that I'm marching under/ Ooh, got a target for my darts// Insurgent organ beating orders//

New Tricks (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Keep it steady, keep it steady/ Cos we don't wanna lose what we have  
Don't be too ready, don’t be too ready/ To speak the first words that land in your mouth/ We're whipping up a storm/ Hail is being born/ Like bullets we let fly too easy/ Soon it turns into a bombsite/ The tension is there all night/ All because we’re escalating things that shouldn't matter cos we don't agree/ But you love me// We are not saints/ But we’ve got it right/ Got our hearts dead set on a better life/ It's not a game but we'll play it nice/ If we trip we're tripping our way to a better life/ I wanna learn new tricks, new tricks, new tricks/ Ooh ooh ooh/ I wanna learn how to handle this pretty// We started something, we started something/ And there is no one who don't wanna see it through/ We put it all in, put it all in/ But it’s not smooth oh/ I'm starting up an earthquake/ Gonna let my pride break/ Step on over to your side  
And let the light be liberating/ Diffuse the situation/ Everything is clearer with a mirror when I see I'm not so good/ Oh but I love you// We say  
"Oh make Thy goodness mine"/ "Oh make my heart like Thine"/ "Oh make Thy goodness mine, Thy goodness mine yeah”// Woah, Woah//

Adventures (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

We make, we make our own, we make our own adventures/ We make, we make our own, we make our own adventures/ Ha da da da etc.

Blue (Mercy in Madness EP)

We are not the beautiful ones/ We don't have no magic spells to cast/ Nobody looks twice at us/ Nobody looks twice// We're as tough as shattered porcelain / Nah we’re not gonna lie about our strength/ No one ever picks us to win/ No one ever picks us// But we see in the morning, we see in the night/ A megavolt struck us and opened our eyes// We are off the charts/ Got no place on this planet/ Woke up in the stars/ Found mercy in this madness/ Our blood is blue// Sometimes we feel like aliens/ Like birds that cannot fly or fish that don't swim/ But maybe we are not so different/ Or maybe we are// We are not angels/ But we have halos/ Lay down in the river and we came up new/ We are not angels/ But we have halos/ Lay down in the river and now//

Rain (Mercy in Madness EP)

They say it's darkest before the dawn/ But God this midnight just keeps stretching on/ My visibility is so low, so clouded, I can't see/ So I try to make believe/ But I can't do it// So I rain down/ Let it rain down/ Waiting for you (do do do)//  Waiting for the flood waters to recede/ Well it's been more than forty days and still no sign, no olive leaf/ I'm only just afloat, and I want to either fight or flee/ But I can't seem to do neither and it's torturing me oh// I know there's gotta be something in this/ Somewhere some rhyme or reason/ I know I'm gonna find something in this/ Maybe not now, but soon, I'll see the proof/ And feel love rain down/ Your love will rain down on me/ I'm  still waiting for you//

New World (Single 2016)

Happy ever after for the rest of your days/ Everybody wants to live out that way/ But life is a matrix and this world is a maze/ A broken heart can shatter again and again and again// I found a new world/ I found a new world with you/ I left the real world to feel a true world/ I found a new world with you// Sitting in the shadows and playing the games/ You hear the pipes and follow - it sounds like escape/ You hold on to something, just to have it decay/ Feelings that are borrowed might be a mistake// Like a new beginning I'm alive/ Reaching for heaven with you by my side/ I can see it all in a perfect light/ Both my feet on the ground but I'm up high/ Yeah I know I'm human, I'm still gonna cry/ But I'll never give up cos now you fight for me//

Education (2021)

There's something I'm beginning to understand: This is an education/
That maybe we are students all our days/ And death is our graduation/

Cos I'm in a menagerie with all sorts of strange creatures/ Trying to learn how I should behave and what to imitate// Everybody wants to have a good time/ Everybody wants to feel a high/ I wish it was as simple as
Following my impulses/ But that don't always turn out right// Give me an education/ Give me an education// I've accepted life is a practical degree/ And nothing is simulated/ Trial and error stamped all over me oh
This process is fascinating// I'd hoped I'd have evolved by now but I am still a strange creature/ Where head and heart must coexist there will be fisticuffs// I don't want to do anything stupid/ But I don't want to miss out on the fun/ Sometimes I can lose my mind and then I have to improvise/
Far too easy to get wrong// Oh discipline, I don't like your sting, but I want the wisdom that you bring/ Oh discipline,I don't like it but I need you// Yeah sometimes I don't like the way I'm learning/ Sometimes it hardly seems fair/ But the puzzles on my page are in ink, I can't erase them/ So I just gotta do my best//

Wonder (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

We wine and dine, like kings and queens, feast on art, drink poetry/ Laughter bubbles like a brook that sprung from our tears/ Cloud jumping, trading tales, like kids in a tree house, wool-gathering/ We're the believers, explorers of our freedom// Oh we woke up in wonder  
To dream our lucid dreams/ Yeah we woke up in a thunderstorm   
And we won't go back to sleep// 
It's not insanity, when we make truth our, our reality/ In this dimension, we are weapons laced with peace/ We go where no one goes, see things a mortal couldn't know, can't comprehend, but we understand, got a seventh sense because// And all of this romance is intellect/ It colours us down to the bone/ At once painters and scholars and pioneers/ And boy have we got soul/ Have we got soul//

Lone Wolf (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

With sleep in my eyes and cold prickles on my skin/  step out into the night and face the bitter east wind/ To gaze at, to yearn for what I can't have on this earth/ Like the lovers in the stars whose lips will never touch/ It seems the silver on my arms is as close as I can come/ Just a fugitive in the world, my spirit captive to what I don't deserve// Oh gravity,
Oh Eden// Well if I'm old I don't feel wise/ If I'm a babe I know that I'm running out of time/ If I'm old I don't feel wise/ so teach me//  Though my limbs are coursing fire, I'm not running with the pack, There's never time to catch my breath cos my heart is drumming higher/ Out of my league, over my head, but I won't stop until I'm dead// Oh if I'm old I don't feel wise/ If I'm a babe I know that I'm running out of time/ If I'm old I don't feel wise/ So teach me/ If I don't try then I'm a fool/ And though my best attempts will be like howling at the moon/If I don't try then I'm a fool/  So teach me// Cos I'm a lone wolf ooh/ I'm a lone wolf ooh/ I'm a lone wolf ooh/ Just a lone wolf//  


Skypilot (Lucid Dreaming 2018)

Jumping out of planes in a fever, so bold/ Your Parachute fails and you're screaming as you fall/ But you were never meant to leap off all alone/ You say you trust me then you think you know better and you're   gone// But are your fingers getting tired/ Improving all your clever designs/ I can teach you how to fly/ But believe me, believe me/  
You need me, you need me// 
You're working up a sweat but you're freezing, freezing cold/ It's like fighting for a cause you don't believe in -  
The cracks will show// I could be your skypilot/ I could be the wings that hold you up/ I'm the only skypilot you'll ever need to know oh/ Let me be your skypilot/ Let me be the wings that hold you up/ I'm the only skypilot 
you'll ever need to know/ You only need to know my love// So if you just made up your mind/ You could leave this war behind/ And then I’d teach you how to fly/ Cos believe me, believe me  

No Secrets (Mercy in Madness EP)

Hercules, are you so confident you're strong?/ You wanna face your fears/ But is the lion in you lost?/ Well you been playing in a volcano/ Tryna find, tryna find, tryna find/ Tryna find if you can summon up a little heat/ Shouting till your lungs are tired/ Battle cry, battle cry, battle cry, battle cry/ But you just don't seem to believe it/  There, there now// Turn the key/ Don't you go breaking down another door/ The things you want are free/ My heart's a chamber of treasure to explore, to adore/ No secrets (La de da)// It's a fatality/ Oh and there's only one known cure/ You can't just stay away from me no, no, no/ And expect to win it all/ Yeah you could fling yourself into the sky/ Get a high, get a high, get a high, get a high/ Yeah try a livin’ like a mountaineer/ Or dig yourself into a hole/ Going down, going down, going down/ Going down because you wanna feel a little deeper/ Or you could// I wanna take you with me/ Let you be power and peace/ I wanna make you feel whole/ There's nothing I wouldn't give / I wanna see you live/ Darling, this is gold// 

Sad Birds (Mercy in Madness EP)

Silent footfalls/ Won’t disturb the loneliness of the room/ Sobbing quietly in this mausoleum of memory// Pearl white angel/ Standing like some guardian to your heart/ But you don’t need it/ Where you sleep,  it'll never be dark// When you fell off the clock/ Time wouldn't stop for us/ So we try to move on/ Cos that's what you'd want, though it's hard/ We will dance the figures of this mad world/ Till our bodies ache from trying/ And though we spend the evening like sad birds/ We'll be singing when the dawn comes/ Sea of faces/ Their hearts feel the same way that ours do/ No one can escape/ We're all slaves to the freedom that came for you// As our eyes open/ Curtains of light and hope start shining through/ Dust and ash have blown away/ And we are brand new//

Masquerade (Single 2015)

Draw the curtains on that part of your day/ No one needs to know it

All the wreckage can be swept away/ Underneath the carpet

Cos nobody wants to hear you cry/ They'd rather believe a pretty lie//

So join the masquerade and dance tonight/ Find a poker face to hide behind/ Turn the lights down cos we know we'll find/ Plastic people, plastic people, we’ll be plastic people/ But it doesn't feel, doesn't feel, doesn't feel right/ Plastic people, we’ll be plastic people, we’ll be plastic people/ But it doesn't feel, doesn't feel, doesn't feel right// There’s a method to the madness we make

Minimise the conflict/ Hide the problem and it dissipates/ Quarantine can solve this// Cos nobody wants to hear us cry/ They’d rather believe a pretty lie//